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After some more time away, I'm back- with some news about the fututre of the show. Do the thing!

208-The Monday Show

As usual, asking why the show continues- but this time.. with music! Francis Arevalo and The Lions We Are have the new album out:

A few weeks ago, I decided to invite a bunch of friends to make poetry chapbooks and to see what happened. This is part of that result.

206-The Hiatus Show

Okay, so that didn't last long...

Veronique West is one of Vancouver's young, gifted theatre artists and we sat down to chat about the early success of her first play 'Marrow,' as well as growing up with a single p...

204-Master of Vacation

Today on the show, I'm talking about vacations, jaw injuries, and Season 2 of Master of None

203-Lau Sequins-Artist

Lau is someone who always has a project, or nine, on the go. She's working on a revamp of an original musical, and we go back through her past projects, including running a choir. ...

Sasha has accomplished a lot as an independent theatre artist and has experience with early success in Toronto but as you'll soon find out, has a lot of other things to about: like...

201-Seeing Eye to Eye

Today I'm talking about a conversation I had with a guy who has just about as opposite of a view as I do- and how we were able to actually have a conversation.

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